Our Crew

The Leverich Racing Top Fuel Team is truly that – a TEAM. Our ALL volunteer crew is made up of seasoned drag racing veterans, some up and coming talent, and a diverse group that races for one purpose – The Love of the Sport. 

Years of Burning Nitromethane

Gallons of Nitro per run


Effort given by all

Crew Images and Bios Coming Soon!

Bob Leverich

Team Owner & Founder

Gary Leverich

Crew Chief

Dan Leverich

Senior Mechanic

Matt Hanley

Car Chief / Right Cylinder Head

Dan Faries

Assistant Crew Chief / Clutch

Mickey Majors

Left Cylinder Head

Dena Mashburn

Tires / Nitromethane

Brian Gawlik

Bottom End

Bobby Toth

Bottom End/Floater

Rocky Pirrone


Russ Baker

Shop Maintenance

Jamie Cameron

Fabrication / Welder