A family legacy of speed

About Leverich Racing

Leverich Racing joined the elite NHRA Top Fuel Dragster category in October 2015. But our history in Drag Racing spans more than five decades. It stated with our patriarch – Bob Leverich, who built and wheeled roadsters, front and rear engine dragsters.

Today, our state-of-the-art 2018 Brad Hadman Chassis is powered by a 500 cubic inch HEMI that belts out close to 11,000-horsepower.

Our Story

Over the Years



Bob Leverich is introduced to a growing sport – organized drag racing led by the National Hot Rod Associations Drag Safari – who set up drag racing facilities on abandoned air strips across the USA. 


Driving Career Begins

Bob Leverich takes his first dragster ride at Motorcity Dragway in New Baltimore, Michigan in the early 1960’s before the days of the electronic Christmas Tree.


NHRA Debut

After several front and rear engine dragsters, alcohol and nitro fueled, racing mainly in the IHRA, Leverich Racing steps up the NHRA’s Top Fuel division.

Our Journey Begins

Bob Leverich (the one with no shirt to the right of the driver) is checking out a dragster, looking for ideas to build his first racecar!

Our First Dragster

Bob Leverich (near lane) takes his first dragster ride at Motorcity Dragway in New Baltimore, Michigan in the early 1960’s before the Christmas Tree Lights were even invented.

New Fire Suit

Bob Leverich testing out a new state of the art fire suit at a race.

Introduction to Nitro!

Bob Leverich using Injected Nitro for the first time at Grand Bend Dragway in the late 1960s!

Wheels? Overrated!

Bob Leverich getting three wheels off the ground, almost tipping the dragster, in Grand Bend, Canada.

Our First AHRA Title

Bob Leverich in his Dragster that he won the AHRA Jr. Fuel Dragster championship with!

Frank Hawley Driven Slingshot

The last Injected Nitro front engine dragster owned by Leverich Racing is shown here, tuned by Bob Leverich but driven by Frank Hawley. This is just before Frank went on to win the NHRA Funnycar Championship for Austin Coil.

Let's Go Rear Engine Racing!

The first rear engine dragster owned by Leverich Racing was also injected nitro. However, we switched to blown alcohol shortly afterwards. The picture is believed to be in the pits at US 131 Dragway in Martin, Michigan in 1981 at a UDRA race Bob Leverich successfully ran for a number of years. Photo courtesy of Bob Koorsen.

Citrus Nationals

Bob Leverich running in the 1987 Citrus Nationals at Moroso Motorsports Park.

Injected Nitro Anyone?

When NHRA would not allow small block Chevy cars to run the Top Alcohol class, Bob Leverich and Crew Chief Gary Leverich decided to try an injected nitro hemi.

Time for Top Fuel Dragster

It’s not real clear who’s idea it was to put a blower on the car but it sure did help the flames. The team then decided to run the IHRA Top Fuel circuit and at 72 years old Bob was driving a Top Fuel Dragster.

Racing in Tribute

With every lap we make, we race in honor of our fallen family members – Bob Leverich, JR. and Karen Leverich Ladd.